Short Asp 17 - B

Short Asp 17 - B

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At Mosses, we understand the unique requisites of No-Gi practitioners regarding functionality. We seamlessly intertwine unparalleled functionality with timeless style in our esteemed line of shorts.


  • Tailored with a competition-centric shorter hemline, designed to excel
  • Expertly crafted from enduring polyester fabric for unwavering performance
  • Waistband thoughtfully enhanced with rubberized grip for a confident hold
  • Achieve your ideal fit with the elastic back and personalized drawstring closure
  • Impeccable appearance maintained by the inclusion of anti-pilling velcro
  • Composition: Crafted from 100% polyester, a testament to quality

Embark on a journey with Mosses, and be immersed in the pinnacle of No-Gi finesse and performance – embodied perfectly in our exceptional shorts!

Mosses Design

Our tailoring tradition has been updated to speak a language that is suited to any practitioner. New lines and Fabrics with special details makes our Collections the most iconic products on the market.

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